When you purchase a men's Icelandic rain jacket from Campeasy Shop, the attached labels indicate the raincoat's wind and water resistance level. We are providing Icewear men's raincoats large variety of waterproof breathable clothing for both young and old. Icelandic men are used to rainy and windy weather and always wear good men's Icelandic rain jackets made of durable material and, depending on the jacket, constructed of a single, double, or even triple layer rain protecting fabric. Take your time and seek the best Icelandic coat for men. Consider when you will be wearing the raincoat the most. Men choose a sports rain jacket, a more outdoor Reykjavik raincoat, or a more traditional and primary type of men's Iceland jacket. Even if you browse online for a men's Icelandic raincoat, sure, Icelandic jackets suit both sexes and are excellent to have.