Viking Meals

When the Vikings from Norway arrived in Iceland in 874, they needed to live in harsh conditions, surrounded by active volcanoes. In just a few months, Norwegian Vikings in Iceland became farmers, entirely dependent on soil, wind, and fire. Food preservation over the winters was as crucial as sustainable hunting and animal reproduction in a country prone to natural disasters. Icelanders have stored food in a variety of methods throughout history. It had to be done before the long winter, whether drying, curing, salting, smoking, pickling, fermenting, jellying, freezing, or boiling. Feed the Viking is inspired by Iceland's rich culinary heritage and uses current industrial preservation processes to preserve the same essential foods Icelanders have utilized for over 1200 years: Icelandic Lamb and Beef, as well as Wild Arctic Cod. As a result, Feed the Viking brings to light goods high in natural protein, low in sugar and other carbs, and have long expiry dates.