Daley pink hat and gloves laying down on the moss
Daley Hand Knitted Wool Gloves
Daley Hand Knitted Wool Gloves
Daley hand-knitted dark gray mittens
Daley dark red hand-knitted wool gloves
Daley pink hand-knitted wool gloves
Daley had knitted gloves blue Nordic pattern
Daley had knitted gloves light blue Nordic pattern

Daley Hand Knitted Wool Gloves

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Incredibly colorful Icelandic gloves are the only ones in the world. They come in blue, navy, pink, purple, and dark gray. Daley gloves are handcrafted from 100% sheep wool and have special reinforcements and a lining that provides extra warmth. These colorful and cute gloves make your day full of new colors, and at the same time, your hands stay warm and comfortable. Beautiful patterns in the shape of a snowflake will make you catch everyone's attention. Produced in one size, so now each member of the family can have their unique pattern. Are you not sure which color you would like to choose? Take a look at the color of the snowflake pattern and select from the photo thumbnails.

100% Wool

100% Polyester fleece